Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

So much has happened in the past several months! The first and by far the most fun - we added our new little angel to our family! Macady Lyn is an amazing precious little bundle of joy. Even though she takes up a lot of time, I thoroughly enjoy having her in my life! The boys have adjusted well to her also. She is a bright shining light and is keeping everyone happy. My dear husband was able to bless Macady. Our closest family members were able to attend and walked into Sacrament Meeting JUST AS the bishop announced that we were blessing her. Needless to say, we were a little freaked out for a few minutes!

Next, my grandma, who is 90 years young got into a rollover accident. She's fine! she broke 2 bones in her hand, lost her glasses and one earring and was extremely worried about the cantaloupe that seems to have evaporated, disappeared or was spirited away by aliens along the side of the highway. I was tasked with caring for her during the day while my mom was at work. Things went well and she healed enough to go home. I love my grandma to pieces and am very grateful that I wasn't working while she was visiting. It eased the burden on my mom's shoulders considerably.

 Our beloved chiropractor - Dr Michelle - moved away. While I'm happy that she found happiness, I'm sad that she left us. She is an amazing person! HOWEVER, she did leave us in very capable hands. We love Dr Eric! He specializes in chiropractic as well as physical therapy. He is also a GUY and can relate to Jaydon's needs. He placed a special order for a physical therapy aide from Australia and was able to give it to us at his cost. Jaydon seems to want to please Eric so he doesn't even balk when I tell him it's time for his daily exercises. He even goes the extra mile and does more repetitions than he has been told to do because he wants to have Dr Eric tell him how much he's improved.

 Our bathroom remodel is almost done. It has taken so much longer than any of us anticipated! The plumbing in this house is a DISASTER! The PEX pipe didn't get clamped right and the hot water sprung a leak. This caused a chain reaction. In order to shower, wash laundry, do dishes, etc. I had to climb on the dryer and turn the shut off valve. When we were done, I had to remember to turn it off quickly. The floor under the water heater is GROSS. Under the dryer, it is squishy! We're hoping at this point that it didn't ruin the floor we just put under the new tub! BUT, finally, that part of the plumbing is fixed. As soon as we get the money scraped together, we are going to replace the entire network of pipes under the house. Hopefully, with the swagbucks project, this overhaul will come about much faster.

I have been working on eBay and a website called trying to earn enough points to convert to paypal cash so that I can pay for my LDS Storymaker's Conference Registration without making my family starve for 2 months. I was over halfway there until this week when an unexpected emergency occurred and I had to raid the paypal balance to make the necessary payment. I cried for days before I finally made the payment, knowing that I didn't have enough time or resources to make up what I had just spent. The day before I made the payment, I discovered a Human Resources report at work with my name on it. Apparently, I have VACATION hours that need to be used! What a blessing! With the hours I can claim on the next few paychecks, I'll be able to pay for both my registration AND Christmas!

 Well, I think that about catches everything up... with a few minor things being left out. Happy Month of Thanksgiving!