Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Campaigner Challenge

A writing challenge was posted by a friend. It took several minutes for me to read the rules and decide to participate. It took quite a bit of will power to write my entry - even though it was only 200 words. It has no title yet. Here is my entry

Shadows crept across the wall as I stared across the room at the deepening darkness. The blue glow from the television soon became the only light in the room. Turning from the window, I again took in his small, cherubic face.

“How can this be happening?”  I muttered.

His attention remained focused on the movie, unaware of my inner turmoil. The routine doctor’s appointment turned into an all day nightmare as the doctors determined my son’s illness was due to Stage Four Kidney Disease.

The door creaked open as the medical staff entered once again. “Are you ready?”

Tears pricked my eyes as I shook my head. “I don’t think we’ll ever be ready. Let’s get this over with though.”

The men nodded in understanding as the procedure began. My son’s pleadings wrenched at my heart as he begged to be left alone, to go home. The proverbial dam broke as the tears flowed freely down my cheeks. I couldn’t make this hurt go away for him; I couldn’t take away his pain. My boy struggled until the medicine took effect.

My prayers flowed heavenward just as the medicine coursed through his tiny veins. Please help us overcome this trial.

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