Friday, August 17, 2012

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts. That’s what today totally was! I filled my car at the local station and went inside to pay. The cashier ran the check for the wrong amount (I had written it for over). I didn’t notice until I was at my car. I ran back inside. Since she hadn’t ever fixed one, I stepped behind the counter to help (I work there). While we were getting things squared away, a lady walked up and rather rudely asked me to move my car “People are waiting,” she said.
I took a moment to explain what we were doing so it didn’t seem like I was ignoring her. She stood there the entire time, huffing & puffing and tapping her foot. Talk about a Thumper Complex! I get done, collect my change and head out to the car. She practically herded me to my car! Then she and her husband/companion made several snarky remarks, which I promptly ignored. Let me insert here, there were a total of 4 vehicles at the 12 pumps, leaving at least 8 empty pumps, and I have to move?

Registered my oldest for school. Can you believe I have a freshman? UGH!

My hubby gets home, driving the truck he thought he had fixed so we headed over to Montpelier to haul one of the junkers to the scrapyard. Yay! It’s gone! We didn’t get what we wanted for it, but when do you ever really get what you want? I totally forgot to buy milk, too. On the way home, the truck started making funny noises so hubby pulls over and starts crawling around underneath. I hear “Oh crap.”

Oh crap as in ‘call for a tow now?’ OR oh crap as in ‘we can make it to the bottom of the hill’. We have friends at the bottom of the hill. Apparently this is the first “oh crap”. I grab my cell. “Start walking, cause we don’t have service.”

He scopes out the situation then we coast to the bottom of the hill & pull off the road where we have service. The calls ensue eventually ending with a very dear friend driving out of her way to pick up my wee ones and me. I get home, drop the kids off with my oldest, grab some water, order a sandwich & get on my way. At the store I discover that I’ve left my wallet IN THE TRUCK. So, I “stole with permission” and hurried to where my poor hubby waited in the hot, unair-conditioned truck.

We unhook one vehicle, hook up the other and then load the first. The construction guys had quite a laugh seeing our little Durango pull the big, ol’ extended cab, long-bed truck that barely fits on the trailer back into town.

The silver lining – At least the truck broke down this weekend where we’re close to home instead of in 2 weeks when we journey to the family reunion towing a camper trailer. AND, we know what's wrong with the truck-probably.

PS… I DID pay for the sandwich after we got back to town! AND, my mom was able to pick up milk, so we’re good there too.