Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekend Update

A fast for Jaydon has been set up for tomorrow. If you could participate, we would truly appreciate it. Jaydon’s name (and our family in general) has been added to the prayer roll in at least the Logan Temple. We are very grateful for the support we are receiving from everyone!

Medical update – Jaydon seems to be doing well. He is very tired and hasn’t been able (or willing) to void much from his intestines. We are continuing with the prescribed cleanse items to facilitate this. The catheter is working like a charm and is draining quite a lot of liquid from his little body.

In addition to this trial, it seems that everyone has felt the sudden urge to be sick at the same time! I’ve never been more grateful for Gatorade and Coke as I have been this week. My washer and dryer have been going full time keeping up with the sickies. Thankfully, no accidents have happened on my carpet (yet). Oh how I wish I had hardwood or laminate floors! It would make cleaning up after the various messes so very much easier. Such is life though! I’m grateful I have a place to live and my family surrounding me with their love and support. I’m constantly feeling love, hugs, thoughts and prayers surrounding me, cocooning me, comforting me.

Writing Update - Because I was sick last night, I had some really amazing thoughts about the book I'm working on. It should be good. I've been jotting things down all day today. I'm hoping I can snuggle up with my laptop a little later today and get some work done on it. We'll see how it goes. 

As this year comes to an end and a new year is knocking at the door, I'm reminded that I have been truly blessed! I have a wonderful family. I have a nice, warm, comfortable home. I have a job that is very flexible - allowing me to take time off for my family. I have awesome friends, neighbors and coworkers. I have the ability to read and write, to craft stories, to have creative ideas, and to be able to act on promptings. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  This community, this state, this country, this world - Thanks be to God for everything I have, everything I am and everything I can be!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kidney Issues - Part 2

Jaydon is doing quite well today. His attitude is exceptional. I need to get over it and follow his example! I’ve had my crying moment and I’ll be much better.

I’m thankful for my boss. He’s made exceptional accommodations for me.  I was able to write several pages by hand in a notebook yesterday as I was playing the waiting game. I’ll get them transferred to my computer as soon as I am thinking clearly.

I had a very long discussion with Jaydon’s doctor today. Our next appointment in next week. At that time, we’ll do more lab work, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. We’re looking at another surgery to put in a stint that can have a catheter inserted so that his bladder can be drained more effectively.

We are in the “hurry up and wait” stage. Hurry and get everything ready, then wait until we can get the test results. Hurry and insert the Foley catheter, then wait to see if there is irreparable damage or if we can take an aggressive set of actions to try to save what we can. Eventually, we will be looking at a kidney transplant.

I’ve done my crying. Tomorrow is another day. I’m hoping to get some writing done while we play the waiting game. One blessing that I didn’t anticipate is that with the Foley in place, we won’t have as much laundry. I won’t have to wash 2-3 loads of bedding each day. I may accidentally be able to get caught up on some laundry.

There have been many asking what they can do to help. At the moment, PRAY! I appreciate all the prayers we can get. We are looking at many, many trips to Salt Lake.  Financially, this will be a burden. I’m glad my family and friends are rallying around my family at this time.

Kidney Issues - LONG Update...

 Because of the many requests and my unwillingness to keep repeating myself, I’m posting what’s happening & any updates on my blog. Just a warning – parts will be a bit graphic because of the medical nature. I’ll try to write it so that it doesn’t offend…

History – Jaydon was born with Post Urethral Valves (overgrown valves under his bladder). These valves succeeded in holding back the urine and refluxing (backwashing) into his kidneys. When we finally caught it, his left kidney was badly damaged. Jaydon has endured several surgeries in his 10 years. The first was a “Rotor-Rooter” surgery to remove the overgrown valve. The next was the installation of a Suprapubic Tube and the next was a Vesicostomy. The last two enabled the bladder to drain continually, taking the immense pressure off his tiny kidneys. The right kidney recovered slightly but the left didn’t. In order to prevent the kidney from becoming cancerous, we had it removed.

June 2011 – Jaydon was diagnosed with a 15% curvature of his spine. This curvature is in an area that affects the nerves for the function of his internal organs. Pretty much, nothing under his stomach works right. We have been working with an excellent team of Chiropractors who have helped to align his spine better and we’ve been hoping that the procedures would help with his other issues.

Yesterday (12-27-11) I took Jaydon to Primary Children’s Medical Center for what should have been a routine checkup. We went into Medical Imaging and had a wonderful tech perform the ultrasound. Jaydon’s kidney and bladder were HUGE! After several pictures, Jaydon was sent to the bathroom. He returned and more ultrasound pictures were taken. Unfortunately, his organs were still extremely distended. Due to the pressure of the retained liquid, there may be irreversible damage to the kidney OR the tissue in the kidney may be compressed. After speaking with the doctors, we were given 3 options. Jaydon could learn to catheterize himself, they could install a Foley catheter or they could do a surgery installing a channel in which he would be able to catheterize himself and drain the excess urine. We decided that the Foley would be the best bet. Jaydon was so upset, he was almost hysterical. I immediately went out and found a nurse to request for an LDS elder.

This wonderful volunteer gave us both blessings. I know it won’t be an easy road ahead, but I’m determined to follow the advice I was given. I need to remember that I have many friends and family, both seen and unseen comforting, praying and loving me, my kids and my family.

Our fast began. Jaydon wasn’t able to eat or drink anything in preparation for the procedure. We were instructed to return to Medical Imaging where we would get more x-rays. Then, we were to report to RTU (Rapid Treatment Unit). X-Rays were taken and poor Jaydon is so extremely backed up, we are doing a massive colon cleanse. No wonder the kid doesn’t want to eat! We arrived at RTU and were shown to a room. The anesthesiologist came and talked to us, then the nurse told us that the Urology team had been called into an emergency and our procedure would be postponed for about an hour.

We made a quick trip out to the car for more comfortable clothes. When we returned, we were told the emergency didn’t take as long as they anticipated and we were next on the list. Yay! Apparently, next on the list means another hour. Finally, at about 5:30 or 6, the medical team invaded the room, administered the “loopy drug”, drew labs and started to prep Jaydon. They used a brown cleaner and poor Jaydon thought they were chopping off things that needed to remain attached. The poor kid was hysterical! It took 3 guys and me to hold him down. They started with the Foley and discovered the size they had was too big so they had to go get smaller sizes. They tried twice more with different sizes before they got one that fit. POOR KID! The whole time, Jaydon was screaming and fighting. Once they got the catheter in, EVERYTHING started to drain. He filled 500 cc’s in less than an hour-and the urine was still draining! That is more than a typical adult would pee.

At this point, we weren’t sure if we would be spending the night. Everything depended greatly on his labs. After everyone left, Jaydon was fine, loopy, relaxed, etc. And still, we waited. We were able to order room service after Jaydon kept down some milk. The nurse came in right after I placed the order and she said “Oh! Once he’s done eating, you can go”. I was thinking “Cancel the dang order and I’ll pick something up on our way out of town”. The discharge paperwork and Jaydon’s meal showed up at the same time. Then there was the snafu with the medication. The doctor forgot to call it in for us – so we waited – again. And since the regular pharmacy was closed, I had to go to the inpatient pharmacy. Since the inpatient pharmacy is in the bowels of the hospital and because of the lateness of the hour, I had to have an escort. We got to the pharmacy and the tech said, “We don’t have anything for Jaydon. The last time you filled with us was in 2009”. REALLY? The nurse took over at that point because I apparently looked like I would snap – who knew? They found the Rx and said “It will take us about 20-30 minutes to get this ready for you. REALLY? I had just waited that long only to find out that they didn’t have the blasted thing!

Happy place… happy place… happy place! We returned to the room and again WAITED! Finally, we journeyed back upstairs to the pharmacy and got everything in order. Jaydon was able to walk out of the hospital and out to our car. He slept all the way home.

If you’ve seen Jaydon on a bad day, he looks similar to a starving child from Ethiopia or someplace. His stomach is very distended and he’s quite skinny. His comment last night was “I have a NORMAL stomach! LOOK!!!” At the moment, he has a positive attitude. We're all working on that one!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

So much has happened in the past several months! The first and by far the most fun - we added our new little angel to our family! Macady Lyn is an amazing precious little bundle of joy. Even though she takes up a lot of time, I thoroughly enjoy having her in my life! The boys have adjusted well to her also. She is a bright shining light and is keeping everyone happy. My dear husband was able to bless Macady. Our closest family members were able to attend and walked into Sacrament Meeting JUST AS the bishop announced that we were blessing her. Needless to say, we were a little freaked out for a few minutes!

Next, my grandma, who is 90 years young got into a rollover accident. She's fine! she broke 2 bones in her hand, lost her glasses and one earring and was extremely worried about the cantaloupe that seems to have evaporated, disappeared or was spirited away by aliens along the side of the highway. I was tasked with caring for her during the day while my mom was at work. Things went well and she healed enough to go home. I love my grandma to pieces and am very grateful that I wasn't working while she was visiting. It eased the burden on my mom's shoulders considerably.

 Our beloved chiropractor - Dr Michelle - moved away. While I'm happy that she found happiness, I'm sad that she left us. She is an amazing person! HOWEVER, she did leave us in very capable hands. We love Dr Eric! He specializes in chiropractic as well as physical therapy. He is also a GUY and can relate to Jaydon's needs. He placed a special order for a physical therapy aide from Australia and was able to give it to us at his cost. Jaydon seems to want to please Eric so he doesn't even balk when I tell him it's time for his daily exercises. He even goes the extra mile and does more repetitions than he has been told to do because he wants to have Dr Eric tell him how much he's improved.

 Our bathroom remodel is almost done. It has taken so much longer than any of us anticipated! The plumbing in this house is a DISASTER! The PEX pipe didn't get clamped right and the hot water sprung a leak. This caused a chain reaction. In order to shower, wash laundry, do dishes, etc. I had to climb on the dryer and turn the shut off valve. When we were done, I had to remember to turn it off quickly. The floor under the water heater is GROSS. Under the dryer, it is squishy! We're hoping at this point that it didn't ruin the floor we just put under the new tub! BUT, finally, that part of the plumbing is fixed. As soon as we get the money scraped together, we are going to replace the entire network of pipes under the house. Hopefully, with the swagbucks project, this overhaul will come about much faster.

I have been working on eBay and a website called trying to earn enough points to convert to paypal cash so that I can pay for my LDS Storymaker's Conference Registration without making my family starve for 2 months. I was over halfway there until this week when an unexpected emergency occurred and I had to raid the paypal balance to make the necessary payment. I cried for days before I finally made the payment, knowing that I didn't have enough time or resources to make up what I had just spent. The day before I made the payment, I discovered a Human Resources report at work with my name on it. Apparently, I have VACATION hours that need to be used! What a blessing! With the hours I can claim on the next few paychecks, I'll be able to pay for both my registration AND Christmas!

 Well, I think that about catches everything up... with a few minor things being left out. Happy Month of Thanksgiving!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Lessons

WOW! It has been forever since I’ve written anything. My summer has been hectic to say the least! One of my boys was diagnosed with scoliosis. I had horrible guilt thinking that if we had found out about this sooner, he might not have lost a kidney; he might have been spared multiple surgeries. But alas, this is how life works sometimes. Since his diagnosis, we have been traveling to Salt Lake City at least twice a week. Thankfully, my angel mother has been there every step of the way. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Then there was the incident with my new TV – it’s now broken, probably well beyond repair.

Then Kirk Shaw with Covenant Communications sent me an extremely polite email telling me that my book was not what they’re looking for at the moment.

Then, I started having some really awesome contractions and HAD to take it easy for several days.

Three of the things listed above happened on the same day. It was NOT cool. Fortunately, I think I can find the warranty information for the tv. My manuscript is being reviewed by several other authors. When it’s done and the changes have been made, I’ll send it to a couple of different publishers.

As far as the pregnancy, I had a doctor’s appointment the next day and everything still looks good. My baby angel is still growing well and nothing is happening that shouldn’t be at this point. I’m excited to welcome my baby, but apprehensive as far as the timeline. I NEED to get through 2 more Thursdays before she can make her appearance. We would love for her to wait until at least the end of July.

With my first three pregnancies, I was leaning to the “Get this kid out of me” timeline. With my fourth, it was more like “Please just give me one more week”, week after week for six weeks. It seems with this pregnancy, I have been given the gift of seeing things on God’s timetable. Mack will join us when she’s ready. I’m not ready or willing to push her. I haven’t had a lot of the issues I’ve had with the previous pregnancies. It’s almost like God knows I can’t handle the debilitating back pain. He’s also giving my children the strength and (mostly) willingness to help out where needed.

I have discovered AGAIN that I have been blessed with the most amazing family and friends! With everything that is going on in everyone’s lives, they are still willing to lend an ear, drop what they’re doing or just make me laugh. Laughter truly IS the best medicine and can flip a totally bad day into something completely different and wonderful!

Today’s problems are just that… TODAY’s! Tomorrow, they will be yesterday’s problems. Don’t be a backwards driver. If you are looking forward, you might be able to avoid some of the problems you would definitely run into if you had been focusing in the past.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Strikes Again!

This week has been nasty! My dryer went out (sniff) ok… run to my mom’s house and either use her dryer or hang stuff on the line. Then, the water heater we have been babying went out – not even lukewarm water. UMMM totally unacceptable!

After receiving some instruction, I thought, "Ok! I can handle this!" I started to drain the water heater and when I figured it was drained (i.e. no water running from the faucets) I turned off the faucet and tried to find the screwdrivers to take off the bottom piece of the “water heater containment area”. Ummm… is that water dripping, no, running? It can’t be! The water is off! I found a flashlight and looked things over in the dark recesses of the containment area. Sure enough, water is running somewhere. So, I did a quick once over through the house and not finding anything, hustled outside – waddled is probably the more appropriate term. I moved the dog kennel that was covering the crawl space opening and peered inside… RATS! Not really rats… but, that’s the G-rated word for the thoughts that flooded my mind just like the water was flooding my crawlspace! I hurriedly reached through the nasty cobwebs and turned off the water main.

In the middle of this extremely wonderful day, my phone decided to not work! The sound doesn’t work while the phone is in use. They can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. PERFECT! The sound works perfectly with all the other applications, but not the phone. Kind of important, maybe! I spent the day speaking with the kind folks at AT&T and Apple to see if we could get it sorted out. No dice! Of course, the 7-10 dropped calls made from the other cell (home) phone didn’t help matters.

Finally giving up at 4ish, I decided to escape to my mommy’s house and camp out there! Oh! And I forgot to mention the phone call I got from the bill collector that wants their bill paid by the end of the month “or else”. Yeah… Great timing!

Those breathing lessons I learned during childbirth classes are coming in really super handy today! Lamaze is taught during childbirth so that us parents can use the techniques to remain strong, cool and collected during times such as these. Well, it didn’t work for me today! I LOST IT! I swear, I’m gonna go to the nut house! I already live on the funny farm so that avenue is out...

The bright spot during my day was the e-mail I got from Kirk Shaw. He thanked me for pitching to him and informed me that my manuscript was being reviewed and that he looked forward to talking with me in the coming months. Talk about a calming influence amid all the chaos of the day!

As the day closed, my dryer is resting peacefully at the county landfill, my water heater is still dead but another one is being delivered during the night – THANKS HONEY – my Visiting Teacher’s husband is installing the new one tomorrow (technically today), my phone is still not working correctly, the bill still isn’t paid but I have a plan, and the other cell is still dropping calls.

Silver Lining – THOSE ARE YESTERDAY’S PROBLEMS! Today is a new day and I can handle today!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Writers' Conference & the week after...

I survived the LDStoryMaker’s Writers’ Conference! BootCamp was an interesting experience, to say the least. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I did get some good things out of it. Liz Adair was our table moderator. She was excellent and gave wonderful comments and suggestions.

I waddled around between classes making new friends and contacts. My pitch session was interesting! Kirk Shaw was very accommodating to say the least. Those of you that know me really well are aware that it is sometimes extremely difficult for me to meet new people-especially if I feel that person will be judging me (or my baby). Needless to say, I was a bundle of nerves. After we got talking about my book, everything just seemed to flow. Kirk requested a full manuscript as well as a New Author’s Questionnaire. I was floating on cloud nine!

I called my husband first and told him the good news. Jay isn’t really good about expressing emotion at most things, but he was really excited for me and told me to hurry home because nothing works right without me there. When I called my sister and my mom, they actually screamed into the phone! I was standing at the back of a class (which hadn’t started yet) and I’m sure everyone could hear my mom’s scream! It was awesome – truly one of those feel-good moments!

I was able to meet one of my all-time favorite authors – Traci Hunter Abramson. She is an amazing person and very down-to-earth. She seemed very interested in me and my writing. I met numerous other authors as well – too many to count! Everyone was amazingly supportive.

When I got home, my kids mobbed me and my husband breathed an audible sigh of relief. I did a minor revision to my manuscript and finished at around three yesterday. It seemed everything ganged up on me to make it so that I wouldn’t be able to send my manuscript. Dog bites (literally), concerts, missing dinner, work and just plain life threatened to get in the way. I was very discouraged. However, after a prayer-or rather several prayers (for strength, help and finally thanks), a phone call to my sister and several deep breaths everything again fell into place and I was finally able to press send just before midnight.

I stayed awake waiting for that freak-out moment that I knew would come, but it hasn’t. Last night was the first night in I don’t know how long that I actually slept soundly, waking only once when Tank decided to adjust his sleeping arrangements in his kennel. Tank is a very small dog, weighing in at over 100 lbs (that’s not a typo) so when he moves, EVERYONE knows it. Amazingly, I feel rested and refreshed which is something that hasn’t happened for several months.

I know the review process can be lengthy-several months in fact, but I’m hoping the review committee finds my book appealing and can’t put it down. A girl can hope! Thanks to everyone who read, cheered, cried, and was THERE for me!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LDS Story Makers Conference & Pitch

I am really excited about this opportunity! I get to go to the LDS Story Makers Writers Conference in Salt Lake City this weekend. It should be tons of fun. I'm really excited to meet a bunch of new people and learn as much as I possibly can to make my writing that much better.

I also get the opportunity to pitch my book, "A Little Push To Happiness" to Kirk Shaw, editor for Covenant Communications. This spectacular and extremely frightening event will occur Friday morning at 10:05. I'm the second pitch of the day and quite possibly the conference. I would much rather get it over with than have to sit and stew about it for hours on end while I'm supposed to be listening and learning.

I've basically decided to treat this as a job interview. I'll do my best, answer Mr. Shaw's questions and hopefully present my book in a way that he won't want to pass on it. However, if he decides to pass, I'll just start plan B which was originally plan A. I'm sure it will go great and I look forward to the opportunities this conference will provide. I only wish my sister, Niki, had been able to attend with me. I know I have my entire extended family's support as well as my friends and 'family' from facebook. Thanks for being there for me! I really need the cheering section!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writers block

This has been a rough couple of weeks. My pregnancy is going well, but I sometimes feel like I've been run over by a freight train. As a result, I haven't done much writing. To top it off, the kids brought home some kind of sickness (who knows what). There are flu-like symptoms combined with stuffy and runny noses as well as fever and all around weakness. Guess what? I got it all!!! Except for the upset stomach-thankfully. It's a good thing Mack is a good baby. She has reminded me that I'm still alive and that I need to take care of us! Kyler has been my little helper and has brought me cans of soup to make me feel better. I hope there's not an emergency soon because my food storage is scattered all over because of his mindful ministrations.

This illness my kids so lovingly bestowed upon me has opened the creative doors again and has enabled me to write - mostly because I don't feel that I can physically DO much of anything else. I've written several scenes in a couple of the smaller books and keep thinking of exactly how to weave the ending for one of the books that is almost finished. Several good ideas have appeared.

Another idea popped into my head this morning and I've been typing furiously trying to stay on top of the ideas that are flowing like water over the falls at Yellowstone.

The kids decided to play in their room today because mommy's head is about to explode. They have played hide-n-seek, pillow fights and something to do with forts. They also made a human bridge from bunkbed to bunkbed across their room and convinced their brother to cross the bridge. Apparently, he was successful the first couple of times, but the last time they attempted it, the bridge broke and the 2 year old went tumbling to the ground. I thought for sure it would mean another trip to the ER (30 miles away) but they were up and playing again after an amazingly minimal amount of crying - a bag of chips helped too. Kids are amazingly resiliant.

My boy have been amazingly supportive of my writing. They are excited that mom has written a book and that it will have a shiny cover on it with cool pictures (of some sort). AND they are hoping that Covenant Communications decides to pick it up and make it part of their audio library so they can listen to the chimes and hear "Welcome to Covenant Communications Audio Library. We are pleased to present 'A Little Push to Happiness' written by Stephanie Walton Nelson."

I can't wait to meet with the editor to see if we can make their dream a reality!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After listening to the review of a fellow student’s query letter, I decided mine was TOTALLY wrong. I quickly pulled up the files for my pitch, synopsis and author bio and re-created the wheel - so to speak. It took about 5 minutes and my revised query letter was done. Although Mary still had me revise it, the revisions were much less intensive. Realistically, I hadn’t really put my voice into the first version-it was more business-like. Since the second version was spur of the moment, I really had to put myself in it to make everything work and come out the way I wanted. Thanks to Mary for helping hash out the sentence to lead into my questions for the agent/editor.

After my query letter, I read not quite two pages of my manuscript. The assignment was to pick a segment that was dialogue rich. This was actually a segment that I have gotten several comments and complaints (for lack of a better word) about. I had carefully analyzed the suggestions and feedback I got from my selected readers and decided to leave the segment the way it was because I am the author and I really like it the way it is. The other students really liked the segment the way it is also. There were some minor fixes that needed to happen, but otherwise, it was good. At this point, I’m really glad I left it the way it was.

I’m amazed at all the insight and feedback I’m receiving at every class! Everyone is awesome & really supportive. I’m very glad I decided to take this class. I’m grateful for my sister who continually pushes me. I’m especially grateful to my mother for taking my kids while I drive there, attend the class and drive home. This process takes a good 4 ½ to 5 hours every night. She is amazing and has been so supportive of my writing.

Another good thing that happened this week… As I was browsing several websites and face book links doing some research, I found that one of the classes at the writer’s conference I’m attending was accepting submissions for the class “Simulating the Slush Pile”. I hurriedly copied, pasted & formatted the first three pages of my manuscript and attached them to an email. I figured that since they had opened up submissions on the first of April, they would have a full house by the time my email was received on the 4th. However, late that afternoon, I received an email stating that they had accepted my submission as one of the “slush pile”. I’m really excited to see what they say about mine in comparison to the others that will be showcased in this class.

I was literally doing the happy dance as seen on those Snoopy cartoons! My sisters and mother have all rejoiced with me. He husband seemed slightly confused, but congratulated me all the same. I think he’s in shock that I’m leaving him with the kids for three days. He’ll do just fine! Everything will be fine!

Another awesome thing, on the 5th of May, my teacher’s book will be released! I’m really excited to see what she’s going through - the trials as well as the successes. Mary has been an amazing example! I am kinda bummed that there are only 2 more classes over the next three weeks. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I’m excited because of all the tools we are getting handed to us. This experience, so far, has been nothing short of an exciting journey. I can’t wait to see where the next bend in the road takes me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I found a fun contest today! MormonMommyWriters is hosting a cliche contest. We are to write a 3500 short story using commonly used cliches. This should be fun. I'm already having fun with it. I've made my sister, Niki, laugh several times this morning.

Contest details can be found at

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It is Wednesday once again. And, once again I attended a totally stellar writing class last night. We read our author bio's to each other and got feedback, likes and dislikes. All I can say is WOW! I am in such amazing company! I almost feel bad because I am 'just a mom'. But, that actually defines ME! We were given the assignment of writing a killer query letter this week. Mary Billiter, our teacher, wants us to insert our voice into what we write. Given my training in office procedures, it may be a slightly difficult concept to work. But, I just have to remember, I CAN DO IT! I have a totally awesome support system in the form of my sisters & mother. They are always willing to drop what they are doing and read what I have written. I can't seem to say thank you enough!

I seem to be suffering from a bit of writer's block. I'm attributing it to the fact that I have gotten what I see as extremely good news about my pregnancy. It isn't quite so high risk anymore! Prayers are answered! And also the fact that I get to go to this writer's conference where I'll get the chance to listen to presentations by some of my favorite authors. I may even get the chance to meet some of them! I'll really need to kick it into gear to see if I can whip a couple of the novels into shape so that I can take something presentable to the boot camp portion of the conference.

Several people have asked what my book is about. I am going to post my pitch line as well as the abridged synopsis I wrote when i screwed up the first synopsis assignment. This is something similar to what you might read on the back of the book if/when it gets published. Enjoy!!!

My current book title (which may change after I meet with an editor/publisher) is "A Little Push to Happiness"

Pitch - A Wyoming rancher is put in a very difficult situation where he tries to rise to the occassion and assist the young woman in desperate need of help.

Synopsis - Abe is a pregnant seventeen year old runaway whose only wish is to escape her father's clutches and to finally feel safe.

Mark is a Wyoming rancher who has everything he needs in life. He's not looking for a relationship, not after what had happened in the last one. As far as he's concerned, life is good.

While hunting on an early October day, Mark is in the right place at the right time to be a so-called "knight in shining armor" for Abe. He interrupts a drunken onslaught and saves her from a horrible fate. They are both catapulted into a series of events that are almost more than they can handle.

Join them on their journey as Mark strives to help Abe and in return is given the little push to happiness he didn't know he needed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This weekend, I found a link to an awesome Writers Conference in Salt Lake City that is put on by LDStoryMakers. During registration, I discovered I could sign up for a meeting with an editor. There were several to choose from. I chose one of the editors from Covenant Communications. Hopefully, all will go well. I'm attending the BootCamp, Conference and meeting with the editor.

Class is still going well. My instructor, Mary Billiter, is totally amazing! She has come up with great hints, tips and suggestions. She is very supportive and understanding!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Book (s)

I started by writing a book and then got stumped. Then, I got an idea for a different one, taking a totally different direction. Over the next six weeks, my novel took shape. Through several readings, edits and ideas my book took shape. After it was complete and sent to my sisters and friends, I finally came up with a title. In January, I decided to take a writing class. This class has helped immensely! I will be forever grateful to my instructor. She has provided wonderful feedback and support.

I can't thank my sister Nicole enough for all the support and ideas she has given me. I could never have done this without her. She has been instrumental in supporting my writing ideas. She has stayed up late (even though she has a newborn) reading everything I have sent her no matter how odd, wierd, or dark it is. I appreciate her honest opinions and suggestions.

As soon as my class is over - in about six weeks - I plan to start to submit my book to publishers. I'm crossing my fingers that they don't scalp me too bad. I kinda like my hair!