Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Writing Wednesday - Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: A piece of fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer
The Challenge: Write a piece in 100 words or less using the prompt…
The Prompt: They've done frightful things.

“They’ve done frightful things, them that came before.”
The rattly cadence kept time with the wheezy music. Fire crackled in the background.
“Frightful things. Unspeakable things. Things better left in the darkness.”
Chills crept down my spine as the music hit a dissonant chord.
“Darkness like what be settlin’ over the land. ‘twill happen again, it will.”
A gnarled finger swept across the crowd before stopping, pointing directly at me. My breath caught in my throat, an unfathomable boulder, choking off the life giving air in exchange for a shiver of fear.
“Ye be the one that can stop it.”

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Medical Moments

Once again, we went to the doctor’s office. This appointment was originally scheduled in June, but with Scout Camp, I decided to reschedule.

We arrived several hours early because our previous engagement at the DMV went extraordinarily well and someone left with a newly minted driver’s permit.

At the lab, the tech asked if the labs were for the upcoming surgery.
“What surgery?”
“The one on Monday…”
I must have shot daggers from my eyes and had venom dripping from my teeth because he backed up several inches and tapped wildly on his keyboard.
“I’m sorry, I have the wrong chart pulled up.”

Ya think? And then, when he was called back for the blood draw, the phlebotomist had me come back too. I haven’t gone back with him for several years because he does so much better without me there.
“I need you to verify the labels.” I may or may not have rolled my eyes at this point.

And finally, the appointment, after a 2 1/2 hour layover.
Height and weight are continually gaining. He cheered when they took his blood pressure. “YES! I got a big cuff! He finally outgrew the child’s cuff. He’s in the 3rd percentile for height. We’re really excited about the continued growth. We’re very hopeful that the Nutropin will continue to do it’s job.

Now for the not so good news… He’s a little dehydrated. His glucose level is a little elevated. His kidney function has dropped to 18-19%. It’s still okay, but we’d like it to be better.

We’re going to be hydrating a lot, trying to flush the kidney out. The growth hormone dose was raised because of the weight gain. And, we’ll be doing labs again in about 2 weeks. We’re continuing to hope and pray that things work out while continuing to do what is recommended.

We’re hopeful that things will continue to get better, but we know everything is in God’s hands. Huge thanks to all our Prayer Warriors! You are a brilliant support group! I love and appreciate each one of you.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Medical Monday - Pathology

The pathology reports came back. Results are: The moles are CLEAN!!! We’re so excited about that news. The crevasses they left are healing and don’t seem to keep him from doing anything. We’ve been doing a mixture of essential oils, witch hazel pads, neosporin and bandaids. He’s been a fairly good patient and when we went for his annual “sports physical” today, the doctor said they were healing amazingly well.

Another bonus to report… When we started the growth hormones last fall, Jaydon was just over 4.5 feet tall and pushing 80 pounds. Today, he’s 5 foot 3 inches! He is over the 100 pound mark, weighing in at 105 pounds. He’s overly excited because he’s got a good 3 inches and 20 pounds on his 12 year old brother. (They were very close to the same in November)

We aren’t sure how long we’ll be on the growth hormones. That will be determined by his labs, continuing good health, and eventually his bone scans.

Keep up your the good work, Prayer Warriors! We appreciate each and every one of them!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Won Hundred Word Wednesday - Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: A piece of fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer
The Challenge: Write a piece in 100 words or less using the prompt...
The Prompt: the hunter’s car was crawling quietly down the street

*I took the liberty of taking out the word 'was' because it made more sense with my piece...

Her heart fought with her breath for room in her throat. Darkness surrounded her as she hunched next to a gnarled tree on the neglected yard. Is he gone? She leaned forward and dared to peek out onto the street. She lunged back into the shadows as a stake whistled past her ear. I’ve been found!
She bolted into a thicket, hoping to lose him in the bramble, branches clawed at her clothes. She glanced over her shoulder, the ancient blood thickening in her veins. Lights pierced the darkness as she saw the hunter’s car crawling quietly down the street…

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Medical Monday - Moles

Jaydon has had several moles growing to bothersome proportions. The ones that have been bugging him are right at his waist line. Every time he’d pull his jeans up, they’d get irritated. There’s also one on his neck that will be bothersome when he starts shaving regularly.

I toyed with the idea of getting them removed during school, but in the end, I decided to wait until summer. What’s a couple of weeks, right?

So, here we sit. Him in his orange fleece shorts, worn for comfort following the procedure and me in my jeans & baggy t-shirt. I’m almost wishing I was wearing my knee brace but the embellishments on my jeans make wearing it uncomfortable. Fashion before sense, right? ;)

Anyway. The nurse and I looked over his back and noticed 4 moles there in addition to the one on his neck. We’ll let the doctor decide which ones to tackle and which ones will be spared. I figure, if we’re doing this, do it good! Poor kid will have even more scars to show off. It’ll be excellent!

He’s having a few nerves. I won’t say what I’m having but it’s probably nerves too. My stomach is jittery and I haven’t been able to eat yet today. It’s already past lunch time and the doctor is running late - the drive between facilities is fun sometimes.

We’re doing 3 moles on his back it looks like. The shots were the worst part. He screamed and begged them to stop. And they did, when they were done. It wasn’t soon enough for him and my phone went flying into the corner. I’m not sure at this point if he threw it or if he dropped it.

There was blood and slicing and dicing. The moles were dropped into a vial of preserving solution so they could be sent to the lab for evaluation. Dr. Joe said they looked great and were just growing because of the daily irritation his jeans caused. I almost wished I’d stood up to watch the whole thing, but I didn’t.

Jaydon has a nice collection of bandaids on his back and has been instructed not to shower for two days. The mole on his neck will be kept on the radar. Since it’s not on his face and is not in the way, they’re leaving it for now. Dr Joe did say that the neck mole is one he’d feel comfortable doing. Normally, if they’re on the face, he’ll refer us to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

We’re crossing our fingers for good news from the lab - hopefully some time this week. :)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Writing Wednesday (On a Thursday)

I just finished reading The Captain and the Healer’s Heart (StarBride Chronicles Book 1) by Betsy Love.

The Captain and the Healer's Heart (StarBride Chronicles Book 1) by [Love, Betsy]
With an impending murder charge, Giada must escape Earth before the Amahrian enforcers find her. Desperate, she accepts an offer to be a StarBride to a wealthy governor on another planet. What she didn’t account for was the handsome and irksome pilot whose only thoughts are about profits.

Captain Skyler Rohn can’t go back to Earth; he’s a wanted man, and he needs money to prove his innocence. When a job offer comes in that pays handsomely to transport a StarBride, Skyler can’t resist. His ship damaged, Skyler’s only choice is to land on a habitable moon before their oxygen runs out. If only Giada and Skyler had met before she had agreed to be another man’s wife.

“A sweet romantic tale with adorable characters for people who enjoy reading light space opera.” – Katie Hamstead, author of the Amazon best-selling Kiya Trilogy

Betsy lovingly crafts such a heartwarming tale. I enjoyed watching this tale take shape. She does an excellent job of explaining the foreign space words. The world she creates is beautiful; I could see it in my mind’s eye. Thanks for a great read, Ms. Love!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Medical Monday - The Tests

Thursday was the last day of school. It was also my birthday. It was also the day I both dreaded and looked forward to. Thursday was the day we went to do labs. Thursday is the day we’d finally find out how much damage the medicine debacle caused Jaydon’s kidney. Thursday was the day we’d find out if we were shopping for a new kidney, starting dialysis, stopping the growth hormone, or remaining status quo.

So many things went wrong that morning. So many hurdles… Many of his teachers wouldn’t sign him out early. I can only assume they didn’t want the kids roaming the streets like wild Indians. I get it. I do. Once the delaying issue was identified, I escorted him to each of his classrooms and waited at the door for the teacher to sign him out. I don’t think the one teacher expected me to bite back when I was told I interrupted an important meeting. “Tell me how your important meeting is more important than me trying to get my child to his appointments in Salt Lake. Ones we should have left 45 minutes ago to get to.”

I really should thank this teacher because this incident gave me something to think about besides the impending tests. It gave me something to dwell on while I drove. Something besides worrying about the unknown. Something to do besides what I should have been doing - praying.

We arrived at PCMC and Jaydon was almost immediately escorted back for labs. It took somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 minutes. The doctor told us, “We’ll call you with the results this afternoon.”

I celebrated the completion of the tests with Flan and Tres Leches Cake from Cafe Rio while the kids had their choice of meals from McDonalds. I also had tamales and enchiladas, but the cakes were the best!

By Friday morning, all I knew was that the test was complete but the nurses couldn’t/wouldn’t release the results without the doctor reviewing them first. I played with their online system for a while until I finally figured out what my password was. I was reviewing the results - many of them marked with red - when I got the call. The creatnine levels had once again stabilized. The other labs “weren’t clinically significant” enough to do any meddling. So, we are Status Quo. Nothing is changing yet. Our summer is still intact.

Fear and dread have been banished. I am constantly in awe of God’s goodness. His grace. His love. I’ve felt the prayers envelope me as I’ve driven, waited, stewed, and cried. We are all in his arms and He is in our lives. He knows each and every one of us and loves us through our faults and trials.