Friday, July 1, 2016

Medical Update (I know it's not Monday)

Some of you know this story, but not all of you do. We were at State Wrestling at the end of February. The kids started getting sick. We didn’t think much of it, kids get sick all the time. Most of the kids recovered within three days. But not Jaydon. Jaydon got worse. I’d been dealing with barf and fevers and barf and whiny and did I mention barf? For well over a week. I decided the younger kids and I would go to PeeWee Wrestling while Jaydon stayed home.

We got in late and he was asleep so I went to bed. In the morning, I went in to wake him up. Everyone else was awake but him. I walked into his room and he laid there, gray pallor, sunken eyes, lips pulled back from dried out teeth. My eyes went wide. My heart almost stopped. “Jaydon, it’s time to get up.”

He didn’t respond. There was no discernible rise and fall to his chest.

“Jaydon. Come on. Get up.”


So I screamed. “Jaydon! GET UP!”

He finally stirred. “What?”

Relief washed over me and I sent him to the tub.

“Mom. I’m done. I’m so tired.”

I wanted to scream. “What do you mean?!?!” But I didn’t. “You’ll be okay. I’m calling the doctor.”

Trying for as much normalcy as possible, I sent the younger boys to swim school and came back to the house. He’d curled into a ball, barely dressed.

A call to the doctor was less than productive. I hauled the kids to my mother’s as I packed a bag, knowing we were going to a hospital but not knowing which one. The doctor finally called back. The instructions were simple. “Go to your favorite hospital.”

Our wonderful home teacher came and gave my son a wonderful blessing. One I would hold onto throughout the coming weeks and months. He would get better. It would be a struggle. BUT he WOULD get better.

We drove. I’ll never know how I didn’t get pulled over. I know I had angels with me. My husband met us in Evanston and we drove, and Jaydon barfed and screamed and barfed. He was almost catatonic when we got to Primary Children’s Hospital. I almost had to carry him inside.

Multiple tests and xrays later it was determined that because of the illness and dehydration, he was in renal failure. He had so many diagnosis that all revolved around his dehydration. We spent a week in the hospital and finally were released.

Two hours. Two hours was how long it took for him to become exhausted. He went to school for those two hours, working as hard as he could until he couldn’t. They’d call and I’d go get him. He’d last a little longer every day until he was back to school full time.

Then, we had to petition the school for credit for his entire freshman year. It was granted - we have the best SPED adviser and principal. There were several other disagreements and arguments along the way. Momzilla made her appearance on occasion.

Yesterday’s appointment was EXCELLENT! My son has gained weight! SEVEN pounds! He went from being below the 1st percentile on the growth charts to being close to the 10th percentile! IN THREE MONTHS!! We’ve discussed the use of growth hormones and steroids to aid in his growth. We have several groups working with us at the insurance and hospital to find the best way to bill so we get the least expensive option.

The prognosis is good. The labs have stabilized. My son has so much energy and is teasing his brothers and sisters mercilessly - much to my chagrin. He’s getting better, slowly. He’s my superman!

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