Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writers block

This has been a rough couple of weeks. My pregnancy is going well, but I sometimes feel like I've been run over by a freight train. As a result, I haven't done much writing. To top it off, the kids brought home some kind of sickness (who knows what). There are flu-like symptoms combined with stuffy and runny noses as well as fever and all around weakness. Guess what? I got it all!!! Except for the upset stomach-thankfully. It's a good thing Mack is a good baby. She has reminded me that I'm still alive and that I need to take care of us! Kyler has been my little helper and has brought me cans of soup to make me feel better. I hope there's not an emergency soon because my food storage is scattered all over because of his mindful ministrations.

This illness my kids so lovingly bestowed upon me has opened the creative doors again and has enabled me to write - mostly because I don't feel that I can physically DO much of anything else. I've written several scenes in a couple of the smaller books and keep thinking of exactly how to weave the ending for one of the books that is almost finished. Several good ideas have appeared.

Another idea popped into my head this morning and I've been typing furiously trying to stay on top of the ideas that are flowing like water over the falls at Yellowstone.

The kids decided to play in their room today because mommy's head is about to explode. They have played hide-n-seek, pillow fights and something to do with forts. They also made a human bridge from bunkbed to bunkbed across their room and convinced their brother to cross the bridge. Apparently, he was successful the first couple of times, but the last time they attempted it, the bridge broke and the 2 year old went tumbling to the ground. I thought for sure it would mean another trip to the ER (30 miles away) but they were up and playing again after an amazingly minimal amount of crying - a bag of chips helped too. Kids are amazingly resiliant.

My boy have been amazingly supportive of my writing. They are excited that mom has written a book and that it will have a shiny cover on it with cool pictures (of some sort). AND they are hoping that Covenant Communications decides to pick it up and make it part of their audio library so they can listen to the chimes and hear "Welcome to Covenant Communications Audio Library. We are pleased to present 'A Little Push to Happiness' written by Stephanie Walton Nelson."

I can't wait to meet with the editor to see if we can make their dream a reality!!!

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