Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LDS Story Makers Conference & Pitch

I am really excited about this opportunity! I get to go to the LDS Story Makers Writers Conference in Salt Lake City this weekend. It should be tons of fun. I'm really excited to meet a bunch of new people and learn as much as I possibly can to make my writing that much better.

I also get the opportunity to pitch my book, "A Little Push To Happiness" to Kirk Shaw, editor for Covenant Communications. This spectacular and extremely frightening event will occur Friday morning at 10:05. I'm the second pitch of the day and quite possibly the conference. I would much rather get it over with than have to sit and stew about it for hours on end while I'm supposed to be listening and learning.

I've basically decided to treat this as a job interview. I'll do my best, answer Mr. Shaw's questions and hopefully present my book in a way that he won't want to pass on it. However, if he decides to pass, I'll just start plan B which was originally plan A. I'm sure it will go great and I look forward to the opportunities this conference will provide. I only wish my sister, Niki, had been able to attend with me. I know I have my entire extended family's support as well as my friends and 'family' from facebook. Thanks for being there for me! I really need the cheering section!


  1. I so wish I could have attended with you too! Money sucks sometimes! :) You'll do great, and he'd be dumb not to snatch up your book first chance he gets!

  2. *\o/* !!!!GO TEAM!!!! *\o/* =D

    I'm so excited for you to have this opportunity!! Take lots of notes, learn from everyone there and hold your head high, cuz you're just plain awesome!! Can't wait to hear what happens on Friday!!! GOOD LUCK!!! ILY! (oh, and he WILL pick your book, I just know it)