Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kidney Issues - Part 2

Jaydon is doing quite well today. His attitude is exceptional. I need to get over it and follow his example! I’ve had my crying moment and I’ll be much better.

I’m thankful for my boss. He’s made exceptional accommodations for me.  I was able to write several pages by hand in a notebook yesterday as I was playing the waiting game. I’ll get them transferred to my computer as soon as I am thinking clearly.

I had a very long discussion with Jaydon’s doctor today. Our next appointment in next week. At that time, we’ll do more lab work, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. We’re looking at another surgery to put in a stint that can have a catheter inserted so that his bladder can be drained more effectively.

We are in the “hurry up and wait” stage. Hurry and get everything ready, then wait until we can get the test results. Hurry and insert the Foley catheter, then wait to see if there is irreparable damage or if we can take an aggressive set of actions to try to save what we can. Eventually, we will be looking at a kidney transplant.

I’ve done my crying. Tomorrow is another day. I’m hoping to get some writing done while we play the waiting game. One blessing that I didn’t anticipate is that with the Foley in place, we won’t have as much laundry. I won’t have to wash 2-3 loads of bedding each day. I may accidentally be able to get caught up on some laundry.

There have been many asking what they can do to help. At the moment, PRAY! I appreciate all the prayers we can get. We are looking at many, many trips to Salt Lake.  Financially, this will be a burden. I’m glad my family and friends are rallying around my family at this time.

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