Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekend Update

A fast for Jaydon has been set up for tomorrow. If you could participate, we would truly appreciate it. Jaydon’s name (and our family in general) has been added to the prayer roll in at least the Logan Temple. We are very grateful for the support we are receiving from everyone!

Medical update – Jaydon seems to be doing well. He is very tired and hasn’t been able (or willing) to void much from his intestines. We are continuing with the prescribed cleanse items to facilitate this. The catheter is working like a charm and is draining quite a lot of liquid from his little body.

In addition to this trial, it seems that everyone has felt the sudden urge to be sick at the same time! I’ve never been more grateful for Gatorade and Coke as I have been this week. My washer and dryer have been going full time keeping up with the sickies. Thankfully, no accidents have happened on my carpet (yet). Oh how I wish I had hardwood or laminate floors! It would make cleaning up after the various messes so very much easier. Such is life though! I’m grateful I have a place to live and my family surrounding me with their love and support. I’m constantly feeling love, hugs, thoughts and prayers surrounding me, cocooning me, comforting me.

Writing Update - Because I was sick last night, I had some really amazing thoughts about the book I'm working on. It should be good. I've been jotting things down all day today. I'm hoping I can snuggle up with my laptop a little later today and get some work done on it. We'll see how it goes. 

As this year comes to an end and a new year is knocking at the door, I'm reminded that I have been truly blessed! I have a wonderful family. I have a nice, warm, comfortable home. I have a job that is very flexible - allowing me to take time off for my family. I have awesome friends, neighbors and coworkers. I have the ability to read and write, to craft stories, to have creative ideas, and to be able to act on promptings. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  This community, this state, this country, this world - Thanks be to God for everything I have, everything I am and everything I can be!

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