Monday, September 28, 2015

On The Farm Side...

My sweet jersey cows, JoJo and Blossom, are in the field with the bull. He's a 2 year old red Holstein. Hopefully, we'll see some cute calves in about 9 months. Ninja, JoJo's calf, is romping through the pasture and seems to be enjoying himself.
Beauty and Beast are adjusting well enough in their field by themselves. It's rough being weaned!
The goats, Rayne, Hera and Zeus seem to be enjoying themselves. Zeus is quite stinky already... it is the rut season after all. I'm not overly fond of his smelliness. But, he should make some adorable babies.
The three turkeys are beyond ready to be butchered! They are trying to eat me out of house and home! I swear they're worse than teenagers!
The hens aren't laying which isn't making me happy. I'm hoping as soon as the turkeys make it to their appointment in the "hot tub", they'll start laying.
The piggies are growing like little weeds. Unfortunately, we can't get them to a butcher before Thanksgiving so they'll just continue to grow. At least that means more bacon for me!

This summer, my oldest and I build a new raised garden for my strawberries. I LOVE IT!
In trying to get the raspberry patch tilled, we discovered one of the previous owners had buried some sort of wood - i'm guessing it's railroad ties. I'm not overly excited about having to dig them out... so i've put it off all summer.

I was able to get some free 2x6 boards. They've been wonderful for all the building projects I've worked on this summer. I'm also planning on making some raised beds in the garden area.

Then, i bought some used windows for the mobile greenhouse. I'm very hopeful that I can get them installed before the weather turns ugly.

It should be a busy fall!

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