Monday, June 12, 2017

Medical Monday - Pathology

The pathology reports came back. Results are: The moles are CLEAN!!! We’re so excited about that news. The crevasses they left are healing and don’t seem to keep him from doing anything. We’ve been doing a mixture of essential oils, witch hazel pads, neosporin and bandaids. He’s been a fairly good patient and when we went for his annual “sports physical” today, the doctor said they were healing amazingly well.

Another bonus to report… When we started the growth hormones last fall, Jaydon was just over 4.5 feet tall and pushing 80 pounds. Today, he’s 5 foot 3 inches! He is over the 100 pound mark, weighing in at 105 pounds. He’s overly excited because he’s got a good 3 inches and 20 pounds on his 12 year old brother. (They were very close to the same in November)

We aren’t sure how long we’ll be on the growth hormones. That will be determined by his labs, continuing good health, and eventually his bone scans.

Keep up your the good work, Prayer Warriors! We appreciate each and every one of them!

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