Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Strikes Again!

This week has been nasty! My dryer went out (sniff) ok… run to my mom’s house and either use her dryer or hang stuff on the line. Then, the water heater we have been babying went out – not even lukewarm water. UMMM totally unacceptable!

After receiving some instruction, I thought, "Ok! I can handle this!" I started to drain the water heater and when I figured it was drained (i.e. no water running from the faucets) I turned off the faucet and tried to find the screwdrivers to take off the bottom piece of the “water heater containment area”. Ummm… is that water dripping, no, running? It can’t be! The water is off! I found a flashlight and looked things over in the dark recesses of the containment area. Sure enough, water is running somewhere. So, I did a quick once over through the house and not finding anything, hustled outside – waddled is probably the more appropriate term. I moved the dog kennel that was covering the crawl space opening and peered inside… RATS! Not really rats… but, that’s the G-rated word for the thoughts that flooded my mind just like the water was flooding my crawlspace! I hurriedly reached through the nasty cobwebs and turned off the water main.

In the middle of this extremely wonderful day, my phone decided to not work! The sound doesn’t work while the phone is in use. They can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. PERFECT! The sound works perfectly with all the other applications, but not the phone. Kind of important, maybe! I spent the day speaking with the kind folks at AT&T and Apple to see if we could get it sorted out. No dice! Of course, the 7-10 dropped calls made from the other cell (home) phone didn’t help matters.

Finally giving up at 4ish, I decided to escape to my mommy’s house and camp out there! Oh! And I forgot to mention the phone call I got from the bill collector that wants their bill paid by the end of the month “or else”. Yeah… Great timing!

Those breathing lessons I learned during childbirth classes are coming in really super handy today! Lamaze is taught during childbirth so that us parents can use the techniques to remain strong, cool and collected during times such as these. Well, it didn’t work for me today! I LOST IT! I swear, I’m gonna go to the nut house! I already live on the funny farm so that avenue is out...

The bright spot during my day was the e-mail I got from Kirk Shaw. He thanked me for pitching to him and informed me that my manuscript was being reviewed and that he looked forward to talking with me in the coming months. Talk about a calming influence amid all the chaos of the day!

As the day closed, my dryer is resting peacefully at the county landfill, my water heater is still dead but another one is being delivered during the night – THANKS HONEY – my Visiting Teacher’s husband is installing the new one tomorrow (technically today), my phone is still not working correctly, the bill still isn’t paid but I have a plan, and the other cell is still dropping calls.

Silver Lining – THOSE ARE YESTERDAY’S PROBLEMS! Today is a new day and I can handle today!

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  1. I love your silver lining. :) Keep looking for those. Some days, that's all that gets you through. :) LOVE YA!