Monday, January 2, 2012

Yet Another Update

Medical Update – Things are moving! YAY! So much so that I’m not going into details because some of you may be eating. What are you thinking? Eating by your computer is not good news! You might spill milk, or get crumbs in the keyboard, or something. Anyway! Jaydon is doing well today. He’s up and walking around and is taking a shower. In a few minutes, he’ll be dressed. He’s doing better than me this morning!

Family Update – The other boys are happy for another day away from school. They don’t start back until tomorrow. Macady is happily playing with her dad. Jay didn’t sleep much last night which means he’ll be sleeping pretty much all day so he can go back to work later today. Me – I’m still hanging in there. I’m holding it together for the most part. My house is another story. I’m of the opinion that I can’t clean while the kids are home.

Writing Update – I signed up for a writing challenge with Tristi Pinkston. Her challenges are fairly flexible in that she’s a mom also and understands when life happens. My goal is also fairly flexible taking into account for the days where I’ll be at the hospital with Jaydon. My plan is to write 1,000 words per day OR edit a chapter of A Little Push To Happiness. Last night, I was able to sprint with Lisa Asanuma. She let me vent and gave me a cyber hug and all was well in my world. I’m very grateful to her for helping to light the fire under my couch and get me writing again. I need creative outlets.

I’m very grateful for those who participated in the Fast & Pray for Jaydon event on facebook. Your prayers were felt as if strong, warm arms enfolded me in their loving circle. The many emails, texts and phone calls are also very much appreciated. 

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  1. After reading about Jaydon on Facebook, I just had to sneak over and find out as much as I could about your little guy. He's such a trooper. My son, Steven, spent 3 1/2 months at PCMC when he had a brain abscess. It was made worse because he had hydrocephalus (water on the brain)with a VP shunt that not only drained the liquid from his brain into his abdomen, but the infection. It spread throughout his body and we almost lost him more than once. So I have a teensy bit of an idea what you must be going through and I wish I could give you a great big HUG! Hang in there, girl. Kids are strong. He'll get through this. (((HUGS)))