Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Review ~ Not My Kid… by Mary Billiter

Book Review ~ Not My Kid… by Mary Billiter

Mary Billiter had been one of the key people that fueled the fire of writing in me. She is an amazing person-quite an inspiration.  It took quite a while for me to purchase this book. Finances have been tight for several months and I couldn’t justify the price (not that its expensive, we were just cutting out all the little things). I finally managed to get some Amazon gift cards and made my purchase. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the prize. Everything I had heard about the book was positive. When the package finally came, I opened it right there in the post office. Here is the “blurb” about the book…

Megan Reilly is a newly divorced single mom trying to raise two sons. She is also an ambitious journalist covering a story about bomb threats at her son s middle school. After her thirteen-year-old, Cameron, is arrested for shoplifting, he becomes the prime suspect in Megan's big story. Her response is, "Not my kid." As the case against Cameron builds, even the man who loves Megan thinks the boy deserves to be put away. But the authorities haven't bargained on the fierce power of Megan's maternal devotion.

I scraped every morsel of time I could find, picking up the book and reading. Almost every chapter brings a different point of view. I love how Mary did this. This book really grabbed me. I could connect with each of her characters as I worked my way through this novel.
Mary touches on some very real issues including domestic violence, single moms trying to raise their kids, relationships – both past and present, and troubled teenagers. She painted a strikingly accurate picture. While there is some colorful language (creative adjectives I think is what they were called in high school), it is used in context and not splattered through the book unnecessarily.
I would definitely read this one again and I can’t wait for her next novel! Mary, thanks for the wonderful read!

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