Monday, March 26, 2012

Medical Monday

Jaydon is feeling better by leaps & bounds. He has been attempting to take the state-mandated PAWS tests a section at a time. His proctors have been great. He gets super tired really fast. Today, he started going to school for 2 hours at a time again. We'll see how far he gets with the testing. The last day for the testing window is Wednesday.

Our next appointment has been scheduled. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it. We are scheduled for a cystogram. Apparently, they pump his bladder full of dye and take x-rays. I'm hoping they use the catheters that are already in place. Then we'll go to the doctor's office to get some catheter training.

As for me and the baby, we're getting better. Bronchial things are a little hard to get rid of sometimes. We are making improvements with the help of a vaporizer.

In the writing department, things are at somewhat of a standstill because I've lost the disc and keycode for Microsoft Office. Since I had to take my computer back to factory settings, I have to re-install the software. Oh schwell I guess. I'll find it eventually.

Trying to keep everything short, sweet and to the point today. Family night is about to begin.

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