Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Update - Or Not...

I have been in a writer’s funk lately. This kinda-sorta means that I have been unable, unwilling, or otherwise avoiding updating my blog (and my relatives for that matter). My mother, mother-in-law, siblings, various cousins and friends have brought this mostly unintentional oversight to my attention.

The news today is *** (pause for effect) *** there is NO news. We’re still waiting for the doctors to call us back and let us know what’s going to be happening. A lot hinges on the labs that were drawn today and how the 4-hour clamping is going. The 4-hour clamping involves turning a valve in the catheter tube so that the bladder gets used to being used again. Every 4 hours, the valve is opened and the bladder is drained again. It is irritating being strapped to a timer. I’m not really that good with schedules that don’t line up “just right” and I can never seem to get them to line up because - Life Happens.

Jaydon is doing well. His spirits are up for the most part. He’s really frustrated that he can’t go to school. He wants to learn to snowboard. He wants to go to swimming lessons. He wants to be involved. He wants to be a normal kid. He hardly ever asks “Why? Why me? Why this? Why now?” He mostly takes it all in stride and attempts to make the most of it.

It’s hard for me to watch him. With the cold weather setting in again (we had a warm stretch for a few days where it got above 35 degrees), everyone is getting cabin fever. I’ve gotten to the point of needing a break, a creative outlet. I’m going crazy here!

I signed up for a PEG Workshop. It is gonna be AWESOME! Authors of all abilities get together for a small group editing session. We basically have “girl time”, reading and critiquing each other’s work. A published author or professional editor is in each group. The feedback you receive at these workshops is invaluable! Jay swears I didn’t tell him about the conference on purpose citing the oft used phrase “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.” I swear I told him about it. I had even arranged for a sitter over 3 weeks ago. I dunno – selective memory? I even promised NOT to go to Cabelas without him. If you know me, you know that this is BIG. I offered to let him come & spend the day trapped in a library with a bunch of women. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

In other news - I entered the first 2 chapters of Crossing Stars into a contest sponsored by East India Press and David Farland. Today was the deadline although no time was posted on any website I looked at. It was sent in before midnight MST, so here’s hoping it got there in time. I also forgot to change the word count on the cover sheet. It started with approximately 950 words and ended with just over 2100 words. OOPS! Hopefully, the judges will understand my mommy-brain-moment. I realized the error just after I hit SEND.   RATS!

More on Writing - Part of gearing up for the LDS StoryMakers Conference in May is “March-A-Thon”. It’s similar to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in that goals are set, writers get together in designated chat rooms to help, encourage, and basically “egg” each other on. We are the best cheering section for ourselves!

Breathing Deep! Spring is in the air! Winter is attempting to keep her icy grip on the world as she sends squall after squall into our tiny mountain valley. The signs of change are small – the birds are coming back, chicken eggs are in the incubator, the goats are kidding, calves are starting to bounce around the pastures and the snow is melting and freezing-quite possibly making it even more treacherous than mid-winter. Soon, the thermometer will again start its ascent and color will again grace our world. Enough rambling, it’s time for bed. Goodnight World!

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