Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surgery Details - NO date yet

Friday wasn’t entirely horrible until around 5pm. Jaydon’s doctor called to discuss the next surgery. We had a nice little chat about Jaydon, how he’s taking everything and how we feel he will do moving forward. Honestly, Jaydon is getting cabin fever as I said in my last post. He’s already telling people what will be happening next. The doctor said he felt that they needed to do the more indepth surgery because of the extreme urine output we are consistently seeing.

What this means is the day before the surgery, we will go in and Jaydon will get a GI tube. The tube will help pump liquid through & clean out his intestines. The surgery itself will be approximately 6 hours. They will be removing part of his intestine to augment his bladder (make bigger). They will also take either another part of his intestine or part of his appendix to create a shunt, tube, or stoma. This will be used as a catheter path so that Jaydon can catheterize himself.

Following the surgery, we will be in the hospital for at least 4 days. The average is 4-10 days with an average of 7.

Obviously, with 5 kids, creatures, jobs and a myriad of other things going on, this is not an ideal situation. I have some ideas that should make creature care easier. It’s just a matter of getting everything implemented before the surgery. Although we don’t have a date as of yet, we SHOULD have more information sometime this week.

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